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A simple guide to lead a calm, peaceful, happy life every day, despite all your problems.

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Full release May 2021


What if you had the power to stay calm and peaceful even in the midst of emotional storms? What if you could stop worrying and build a new life where you are the master of your mind?

After years of study on concepts of spirituality, and closely observing and examining the psychology of the mind, Sam Sadar shares remarkable insights into the inner workings of our minds. By interviewing people like you and me — the real common folks, and through their life stories, Sam answers the question: How do I lead a calm, peaceful, happy life every day, despite all my problems?

In this book, you’ll learn:

1.The formula to think productively and reduce stress
2.The AAA principle to navigate through your problems
3.How to live more fully each day
4.What smart people do to make more money
5.A simple secret to overcome your mental struggles and anxieties
6.How to remove the roadblocks to your potential and success
7.A 3-point strategy for financial security

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